How to Stop Illegal Online Gambling

Many unsuspecting online players at , lose millions of money through illegal online gambling. Find out how to report such cases online.

How Do You Report?

Start by collecting the information with regard to the online criminal activity. Start by filing an online complaint to the FBI.

How to File

You need to attach copies showing evidence for the illegal activity present. The more details presented, the more chances of succeeding.

Attaching Evidence

Do not hold off any reporting of an operation because you do not have sufficient information. Even a domain is enough evidence.

  • Website domain
  • Webpage design

Can You Visit FBI's ICCC?

Yes. The IC3 is a product of FBI that collects information on any internet crime collected by private individuals and analyzed by FBI.

The reports filed are further analyzed by FBI. There is later the dissemination into federal, state and local laws that are availabe.

Case Example 1

It applies when the illegal gambling site that hosts the activity happens to operate out of a particular state hence calls for forwarding.

Case Example 2

In case the illegal activity happens in a physical location, it is possible to use the IC3 to lodge a complaint.

  • Must have an online component
  • Regardless of physical location

What Do You Need?

All you need is a legal complaint lodged through the IC3. It is not a requirement to be a victim of the illegal activity.

How Do You File a Complaint?

All you need to do is visit the IC3 home page and follow by clicking the complaint link available for users.

Terms and Conditions

Before clicking on the link, there are terms and conditions and privacy policy you must accept before proceeding to fill out the form.

It ensures that your private information is kept secure and your name and contact information remains secure from other third parties.

How Do You Enter Information?

It is not possible to submit any anonymous complaint through the IC3. It is mandatory to present your name and contact information.

Providing accurate name and contact information ensures that the investigators can reach you in case of a response or further inquiry.

  • Full names
  • Proper contact information

It is important to include as many documents as possible. It is good to keep in mind that any inconsequential detail might be important.

How Do You Submit a Complaint?

After reviewing all the relevant information, you can proceed to click the submit button to present all the detailed information forward.

You can download and print a copy of the complaint form for your own records. After submitting the complaint, you can withdraw.

It is where the IC3 will forward your complaint to the appropriate law enforcement agencies in your area for further action.